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Bushcraft & Outdoors Skills

Bushcraft is a term used to describe living at one with nature, and the skills and knowledge required to do so.

Bushcraft skills include; fire making, tracking, hunting, shelter building, using tools such as knives and axes, foraging, carving wood, making containers from natural materials, twine-making, and many other things. Pure bushcraft uses only the natural things around us, modern bushcraft utilises the minimum of modern equipment.

These outdoors skills would all have been a part of daily life for our ancestors, and are still practised by many tribes and remote people throughout the world.

Bushcraft helps us to rediscover our roots, live responsibly and sustainably, to find and enjoy our part in the natural world.

Wild Food & Foraging

Tired of the same bland processed food that's been sweating it's way to the supermarket on a lorry?

Why not pick what nature provides for us yourself? Food in its natural state as it was intended.

Liven up your walk and discover the foods all around you that Britons have been fuelling themselves with for centuries. Many of those plants you pass every time you go for a walk can form part of a tasty and nutritious meal or snack.


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Promoting Bushcraft and outdoor adventures with a wealth of articles, videos and community message boards.

Natural Bushcraft
Bushcraft videos, articles, guides and more. From kit lists to improving your knots... (Not mobile friendly)

Wilderness Gathering
The Wilderness Gathering is the original annual festival of Bushcraft, survival and primitive skills.

Wild Food UK
Mushroom and plant guides, wild food recipes and courses across the UK.

Eat Weeds!
A wild food foraging guide to wild edible plants. Exploring the traditional and modern use of wild plants through their folklore, food and medicine.

Plants for a Future
7000 rare and unusual plants with edible, medicinal or other uses.

Wild plant guide
Foraging information, photos, educational resources, and UK foraging courses.

Survival World
We created this site to offer instruction, information, and resources for the survival enthusiast...

The Mushroom Diary
UK wild mushroom hunting blog and identification  guide.

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All Outdoor UK supplies high quality bushcraft and survival products as well as ranges of hiking, camping and outdoors lifestyle equipment and clothing at competitive prices.

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  • PK Podcast 49: Gordon Dedman On Australian Bushcraft And Survival
    by Paul Kirtley on 15th January 2020

    In this podcast episode Gordon Dedman and I talk bushcraft and survival in Australia. Gordon is a survival instructor in NORFORCE, an Australian Army unit conducting patrols in remote wilderness areas of northern Australia. He provides civilian training via Bushcraft Survival Australia. Gordon […]

  • Looking Beyond The Water: Benefits Of Knowing The Environment
    by Paul Kirtley on 16th December 2019

    In this presentation I share practical examples of how a greater knowledge of the land through which you are canoeing can increase not only your understanding of the environment but also provide tangible benefits to your safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of the trip. Even if you are not a paddler, I […]

  • How To Spot A Dangerous Axe
    by Paul Kirtley on 10th December 2019

    If you travel in wild and remote places, you will likely end up using axes that are not your own. In my experience this most often occurs if you are staying in wilderness camps, remote cabins or huts with axes already in the woodshed, or if you have been provided with an axe as part of a larger […]

  • Foragers Diary; October 2019
    by (Geoffrey Guy) on 30th October 2019

    When you learn about wild food it is as important to learn what you can't eat as what you can so you recognise poisonous and inedible plants and fungi and can avoid them;Apple-of-peru, shoo-fly-plant (it has insect repelant properties) or nicandra is one of the nightshade family which is often […]

  • PK Podcast 48: Bruce Zawalsky On Canadian Wilderness Survival
    by Paul Kirtley on 22nd October 2019

    Bruce Zawalsky is a professional wilderness survival instructor and author, with over 25 years of experience as an outdoor educator. He teaches survival courses, wildlife and bear awareness courses as well as wilderness navigation. Here in Podcast 48, Bruce talks with me about all these subjects […]

  • Charcoal Making
    by Tony on 16th October 2019

    Way back when I would buy my charcoal in from various woodsmen but after a while, I started to make my own in oil drums, as I have access to an unlimited amount of wood around my workshop! A couple of years ago, a friend moved his small kiln into my woods for safekeeping, and The post Charcoal […]

  • Knife Law – The basics
    by Tony on 14th October 2019

    We as bushcrafters do love a nice new “shiny”, and in a similar way to our colonial cousins with there attractions to firearms, we want to be able to carry it all the time. However, and this is a big one, the chances are you are breaking the law in doing so. Many people will The post […]

  • Tactics For Fire-lighting In The Damp, Cold Months
    by Paul Kirtley on 30th September 2019

    Damp, cold conditions are not conducive to fire-lighting. The same conditions that easily lead to hypothermia are ones that easily lead to failure in establishing a fire. So here are some tips, tricks and tactics for fire-lighting when you most need the warmth of a fire... This first appeared on […]

    by Wayne on 26th September 2019

    I spend more than 150 nights a year under canvas in the woods or on expedition running a busy bushcraft school.  It’s important to have a reliable light source. I have used a lot of head torches in the past.  From the original brick Petzl with the square battery to super expensive […]

  • PK Podcast 47: Tom Lutyens, Mors Kochanski, Lars Fält, Johan Skullman
    by Paul Kirtley on 22nd September 2019

    In 1995 Lars Fält organised a seminal survival instructors conference in northern Sweden. Tom Lutyens and Mors Kochanski were among the instructors. Johan Skullman was one of the students. Here they discuss the importance of that event.... This first appeared on Paul Kirtley's Blog. If you […]

  • PK Podcast 46: Kevin Callan, The Nicest Man On The Meanest Journey
    by Paul Kirtley on 31st August 2019

    Canadian outdoor educator and author Kevin Callan joins me to talk about nature connection, preserving wilderness, healing yourself with time outdoors as well as undertaking the Meanest Link… This first appeared on Paul Kirtley's Blog. If you like my content, CLICK HERE to get 20 free […]

  • Ten Of The Best European Berries To Forage
    by Paul Kirtley on 25th August 2019

    Late summer and early autumn is the berry high season. Berries are easy to spot, often grow in quantity and are relatively easy to collect compared to, say, digging up roots and other underground storage organs. Edible berries generally require little processing yet most are also easily preserved […]

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