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Bushcraft & Outdoors Skills

Bushcraft is a term used to describe living at one with nature, and the skills and knowledge required to do so.

Bushcraft skills include; fire making, tracking, hunting, shelter building, using tools such as knives and axes, foraging, carving wood, making containers from natural materials, twine-making, and many other things. Pure bushcraft uses only the natural things around us, modern bushcraft utilises the minimum of modern equipment.

These outdoors skills would all have been a part of daily life for our ancestors, and are still practised by many tribes and remote people throughout the world.

Bushcraft helps us to rediscover our roots, live responsibly and sustainably, to find and enjoy our part in the natural world.

Wild Food & Foraging

Tired of the same bland processed food that's been sweating it's way to the supermarket on a lorry?

Why not pick what nature provides for us yourself? Food in its natural state as it was intended.

Liven up your walk and discover the foods all around you that Britons have been fuelling themselves with for centuries. Many of those plants you pass every time you go for a walk can form part of a tasty and nutritious meal or snack.



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Bushcraft & Survival Gear
All Outdoor UK supplies high quality bushcraft and survival products as well as ranges of hiking, camping and outdoors lifestyle equipment and clothing at competitive prices.

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  • #AskPaulKirtley 81 – Covid Effects On Bushcraft, Dealing With Increased Littering, Office To Outdoors Career Transitions, Bushcraft Memory 22nd October 2020
    Answers to questions about the effects of Covid/lockdowns on the bushcraft industry, office to outdoor career transitions, how to remember bushcraft and survival uses of plants, and how to promote good outdoor ethics, including leave-no-trace, to people outside of the usual outdoor community. This first appeared on Paul Kirtley. If you like my content, CLICK […]
  • PK Podcast 51: Cliff Jacobson – Skills Are More Important Than Things 25th February 2020
    Cliff Jacobson is one of North America’s most respected outdoors writers and wilderness canoe guides. He is an outdoor skills instructor and a professional outfitter and guide, a canoeing and camping consultant, and the author of more than a dozen top-selling books on canoeing and camping. In 2003 the American Canoe Association presented Cliff with […]
  • PK Podcast 50: Les Hiddins, The Bush Tucker Man 14th February 2020
    Les Hiddins became well known through his ABC TV series “The Bush Tucker Man”. In 1980 Les had received a Defence Fellowship to research survival in northern Australia and looked heavily into traditional bush foods, with the help and cooperation of Indigenous communities. His work was compiled and used by the Australian military in various […]
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  • Ian Woodham – Moderator 2nd June 2020
    Being one of the newer members of the team, I feel I have some catching up to do, and rather big boots to fill, however like many people on the forum I am as eager to lean as I am to share knowledge.  I grew up on my parents farm, so the outdoors has been […]
  • Getting the Wood I need 28th May 2020
    Dave Budd tells us about managing his woodland and harvesting the wood he needs to make tools and craft items. Most of us think of processing wood in terms of cutting up a dead tree for firewood or felling a small live one to make camp furniture and carving projects. I do both of those […]
  • Fire by Friction & Magnification 5th May 2020
    Making fire without lighter or matches seems to be one of the main skills that people associate with bushcraft, and here I am going to look at two intriguing methods – fire by friction and fire by magnification – both with long pedigrees. Fire by friction, also known as bow drill technique, “Indian fire fiddle” […]
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  • Foragers Diary; October 2019 30th October 2019
    When you learn about wild food it is as important to learn what you can't eat as what you can so you recognise poisonous and inedible plants and fungi and can avoid them;Apple-of-peru, shoo-fly-plant (it has insect repelant properties) or nicandra is one of the nightshade family which is often planted as an ornamental in […]
  • Foragers Diary; March 2019 27th March 2019
    Today's post will be dedicated to wild greens that can be found at this time of year in early spring;Jack by the Hedge is also called hedge garlic and garlic mustard. It has a pleasant garlic taste and should be used sparingly in salads or added to nettle soup.Navel wortEarly ramson leavesBitter cressOpposite leaved golden […]
  • Review; Extrema Ratio Scout 1 6th March 2019
    This months review is of the Extrema Ratio Scout 1. I had always wanted an Extrema Ratio knife but most of their products are on the expensive side, are clearly designed for tactical applications or were too large for what I was looking for in a bushcraft knife. When the Scout came out in 2017 though I […]
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