Feeding Ducks, Swans & Geese – The Right Way

Feeding Ducks, Swans & Geese – The Right Way

Ducks, Swans and Geese, like us, will happily eat what’s not good for them. Probably the most common thing fed to ducks etc in park ponds, lakes and canals is bread, but it’s bad for them unfortunately, however don’t despair there is plenty of nutrition available that can be fed to them which negate the issues you have with bread. Continue reading “Feeding Ducks, Swans & Geese – The Right Way”

Greenest means of travel

Greenest Transport

One of the biggest issues we face when we travel is reducing or eliminating our carbon footprint. Carbon emissions are devastating to our environment, so I was wondering how do the different modes of transport compare? Obviously walking and cycling is the best thing we can do but for holidays and breaks away what is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport? Continue reading “Greenest means of travel”

New Nature Forum!

New Nature Forum!

I'm excited to announce that WithNature now has it's very own forum/message board community!

Why not be one of the first to join us and have a chat; share your knowledge or ask a question, give feedback, share your interests and nature experiences, or just drop in and say hello!

Visit the WithNature Forum...

Nature Educational Resources, Free Courses & Jobs

Nature Education Resources & Free Courses

It needn’t cost you a penny to learn about nature, wildlife and the environment and from many of the sites I have found gain a recognised qualification in such a field. Also in this article I bring over some resources from a previous incarnation of my web site with phonics cards for young children. Towards the end of this article I will link you in with sites specifically for finding jobs to work with nature and the environment. Continue reading “Nature Educational Resources, Free Courses & Jobs”

We’ve Moved!

We've Moved!

WithNature.co.uk has moved here, to WithNature.uk. It brings a new design and updated content.

Please use the menu above to browse or visit the new home page here. To get in touch please click here.

I invite you to make any suggestions for the new site or get involved in any way, your feedback is very welcome and will help shape the new site.

Do you enjoy writing about Nature? Maybe you would like to suggest a site for inclusion? Or if you can't find the feature you were searching for. Please do get in touch here. Thank you for visiting!