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Matt Phillips
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23/01/2020 8:18 am  

Petitions and campaigns are a great way of influencing governments and corporations. If a petition to the UK government reaches enough signatures for example it has to be brought up in parliament. People power in action - let's make a difference. Please feel encouraged to share any petitions or campaigns here. If it has an end date please put that in the title along with the region it is of most importance to if it is a local one.

On most petition sites you can opt for your details to be remembered so that you only have to fill in your details such as name and email address (to confirm your signature) the first time, any subsequent petitions it takes just one click to sign, it's so easy but can make a great difference.

Educating ourselves of campaigns is also a great way to force change. For example if we stop using plastic bags then companies will make less money producing them and will have to look at more environmentally friendly and ethical alternatives for their profits. 

This section will occasionally be pruned to remove old petitions.

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