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I love my garden!
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I love my garden!  


Matt Phillips
Joined: 12 months ago
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18/01/2020 7:50 am  

It's far from grand but my small bit of garden means so much to me. I moved to my current town centre location from a flat without a garden, when I moved the primary concern was affordability, I didn't think much about the garden. But now, 8 years later, as I look from my back door out over two small flower beds, an apple tree adorned with feeders, a wild corner with its hedgehog home and bowls out for the fox, I feel serene.

Gardens can be an oasis for nature, a wildlife corridor of habitats and food/water in any urban or rural area. And gardening is so good for you, did you know for example that there are microbes in soil which act as a natural antidepressant? Gardening also gives us a chance to feel more at one with nature as we enjoy the fresher air in the company of the birds, bugs and whatever other wildlife visits.

Do you have a garden? Why not join us and tell us about it, share tips and experiences, ask questions, come in and chat!

Get yer boots on!


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