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Greater Manchester Countryside


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Parks & Gardens - Visit Manchester
Country Parks, Nature Reserves and Gardens at Visit Manchester.

Walking in Greater Manchester
Some beautiful walks in the Greater Manchester area at Visit Manchester.

Wild About Manchester
A lot of news and info including countryside sites and designations, walking, biodiversity...

Wildlife Trust - Manchester...
Their work, nature reserves, news, local wildlife information...

Gtr Manchester Local Record Centre
Collects, verifies, safeguards and shares records relating to species, habitats and sites...

Parks, playgrounds & open spaces
Conservation areas, local parks and more at the council web site.

SSSIs in Greater Manchester
Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Greater Manchester at Wikipedia.

LNRs in Gtr Manchester
Detailing the Local Nature Reserve designations at Wikipedia.

Manchester's Countryside
Find more than 500 square miles of inspiring countryside...

Nature Greater Manchester
Connect with nature and discover Greater Manchester.

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