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The Countryside of Oxfordshire

Discover the countryside of Oxfordshire on holiday or on your doorstep



Countryside at Ox. County Council
Walks and rides, the natural environment and access information.

Oxfordshire's National Nature Reserves
Nature reserves that Natural England identifies as among England's finest sites for wildlife and/or geology.

Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust
Explore Wildlife, Landscapes and the Reserves of the local Wildlife Trust.

Oxfordshire Wildlife & Landscape Study
Results of an Oxfordshire Wildlife and Landscape Study (OWLS) - landscape character and biodiversity.

Natural History Society of Oxfordshire
The Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire. Promoting the study and enjoyment of its natural history.

Walking in Oxfordshire
A number of walks all free to download and print.

Oxford Conservation Volunteers
Conserving the wildlife and traditional landscape of the Oxford area since 1977.

CPRE Oxfordshire
Campaign to Protect Rural England, Oxfordshire. News, Campaigns, Resources, Events.

Wild Oxfordshire
Local charity providing a co-ordinated and strategic approach to conservation in Oxfordshire. Biodiversity info & State of Nature reports...

Oxford Urban Wildlife Group
To maintain and conserve wildlife in Oxford, and to help local people discover the city’s wildlife and wild places...

Oxfordshire Area Ramblers
We’re all about walking. Whether you’re looking for people to walk with or wanting to help improve the paths.

Sponsored Listings
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Rural Retreats in Oxfordshire

Charming cottages, country houses, apartments and more dotted throughout the Oxfordshire countryside. Including stays at a stately home where springwatch was filmed in 2017.

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Walks in Oxfordshire
18 walks with good descriptions, map and photos.

Latest News

RSS News – CPRE Oxfordshire – CPRE Oxfordshire
  • CPRE challenges Arc Leaders to open up to the public on development plans for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc 13th July 2020
    CPRE branches in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, are challenging Council Leaders, Elected Mayors and Chief Executives from local authorities across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, to tackle the lack of transparency and public involvement that has characterised the way that a transformative growth strategy for the Arc is taking shape. CPRE, the countryside charity, has […]
  • ‘Once in a generation chance to unleash potential of the countryside’ - CPRE launches regeneration manifesto 6th July 2020
    The government must invest in the ‘countryside next door’ in order to ensure we all have access to quality green space near to where we live as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, according to CPRE, the countryside charity. Regenerate our countryside, regenerate ourselves: A manifesto for a resilient countryside after coronavirus urges the government to seize this once […]
  • South Oxfordshire Local Plan set to radically alter District: CPRE Oxfordshire will not give up fight for communities and countryside 8th June 2020
    Countryside campaigners CPRE Oxfordshire have vowed to do all they can to challenge development plans that will see 30,000 houses built in South Oxfordshire. The draft South Oxfordshire Local Plan has been hugely controversial, with Government Minister Robert Jenrick stepping in to force the District Council to press ahead with it.  It will now go […]
  • South Oxfordshire Local Plan Hearing Sessions 28th May 2020
    Hearing sessions, which are part of the overall Examination into the Plan will be conducted virtually through online sessions using Microsoft Teams, are due to commence at 10.00am on Tuesday 14th July 2020.  The draft plan was rushed through to submission in March 2019, driven by the timetable of Oxfordshire’s Growth Deal. Following the elections in May […]
  • Oxford Local Plan 2036 - Inspectors' report published 19th May 2020
    City aims to adopt Plan on June 8th. Michael Tyce, CPRE Trustee: "The Planning Inspectors may have agreed that the Oxford City Plan followed the Right Process but they were not empowered to determine whether it was Heading in the Right Direction. As each lemming followed its leader off the cliff to certain doom, it […]
RSS Blog – Oxford Friends of the Earth
  • Air pollution in Oxford increased in 2019 7th July 2020
    Air pollution in Oxford increased in 2019 for the first time in years – probably due to extreme weather.  This is the first significant increase in air pollution levels since 2011. It masks a plateauing trend which illustrates that more needs to be done to tackle pollution in the city, including the faster introduction of… […]
  • Our July mailing is out now 4th July 2020
     Our July newsletter has just been emailed to our 1200+ supporters.  If you don’t get it you can sign up (at the bottom of this page) to receive it.  Click here to download a copy: july newsletter
  • Air Quality in Oxfordshire – online meeting July 8, 7.30pm 1st July 2020
    Air Quality in Oxfordshire – what’s happening and how do we move forward? Meeting: 8 July One positive impact of the lockdown has been the fall in air pollution levels. At the OxfoE online monthly meeting on Wednesday 8 July, (7.30 – 9pm) we will be discussing how we can work to ensure air quality… […]
  • OxFoE support for the Black Lives Matter movement 21st June 2020
    Oxford Friends of the Earth stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We, like so many people around the world, are outraged and horrified by the killing of George Floyd in the US and all others who have been killed, attacked, or unfairly treated as a result of systemic racism. We are an environmental organisation and social justice… […]
  • Our June mailing is out now – Learning from Lockdown, Trees and Transport 7th June 2020
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