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Places to visit in West Yorkshire
Lots of places to visit in the countryside from Visit England.

CPRE West Yorkshire
Our aim is to protect the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of West Yorkshire’s countryside.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Local charity working for a county rich in wildlife for everyone.

LNRs in West Yorkshire
Local Nature Reserves in West Yorkshire at Wikipedia.

West Yorkshire Geology Trust
Volunteers who work to protect and conserve important geological sites...

West Riding Ramblers
Ramblers groups in West Yorkshire with advice, local groups and more...

West Yorkshire Ecology Service
Advising on biodiversity conservation and hosting the West Yorkshire Ecological Record...

Best Nature Reserves in West Yorks
See wildlife at 32 places around West Yorkshire. Read reviews, get a recommended plan...

SSSIs in West Yorkshire
Sites of Special Scientific Interest in West Yorkshire at Wikipedia.

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Rural Retreats in Yorkshire

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CoolStays in Yorkshire

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Latest News

  • COVID-19 Weekend Update

    Despite a handful of people ignoring instructions not to travel, it was generally quiet in the National Park across the weekend. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Ranger Service were once again a visible presence, supporting North Yorkshire and Cumbria Police with their message to stay home and save lives.   David Butterworth, Chief Executive The post COVID-19 […]

  • COVID 19 – Stay home, please

    Ahead of the weekend, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is once again urging the public to heed Government advice to stay home and avoid all unnecessary travel.  David Butterworth, Chief Executive of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority said: “I am incredibly grateful to everyone who stayed home last weekend. Staying home will undoubtedly The post […]

  • Carbon emissions to be ‘practically eliminated’ by 2030

    The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has adopted an ambitious new ‘Carbon Reduction Plan’, six months after declaring a climate emergency. It requires the Authority to practically eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from its operations over the course of the decade. The plan had been due to come before Members at a full Authority meeting on The post Carbon […]

  • New fund supports school wildlife project

    Cracoe and Rylstone Primary School in Craven has received the first grant from the new Swinden Quarry Natural Environment Fund. Pupils received £2,000 to create an allotment and wildlife garden on land next to the school. They are pictured celebrating their success in the days before the school shut in response to the Coronavirus emergency. The post New fund supports […]

  • Pedlars and packmen in Westmorland

    The itinerant pedlar (or peddler) carrying their bulky packs of “smallwares” on their back or with a horse or donkey was once a common sight on the tracks and paths of rural Westmorland. The pedlar played a very important economic role in early modern Europe, connecting remote rural communities with wider trade networks as well The post Pedlars and packmen in […]

  • Covid 19 – Thank you!

    Ahead of the weekend, North Yorkshire Police supported by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority issued a clear message to the public to stay home and not to travel to countryside beauty spots for exercise or any other non-essential reason. David Butterworth, the National Park Authority’s Chief Executive said: “This weekend saw a dramatic change The post […]

  • COVID 19 – Please help the Police to help us all

    North Yorkshire Police supported by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority have issued a clear message ahead of the weekend, stay away from our beauty spots, stay home and save lives. Officers are calling on people NOT to travel to popular countryside beauty spots – either by car or motorcycle – for exercise or any The post COVID 19 – Please help the […]

  • Starry, starry night

    When was the last time you just stopped and stared at the night sky? Gazing up in the dark at the stars and imagining a tantalising world beyond is a wonderful way to escape and let your thoughts go. And while we are all staying safe at home, this is one thing we can do The post Starry, starry night appeared first on Yorkshire Dales National Park.

  • COVID 19 – Public Rights Of Way

    We have received concerns from some members of the public about rights of way remaining open at the present time. At present we believe public rights of way in the Yorkshire Dales National Park provide an opportunity for local people to take exercise, physical and spiritual, and get some fresh air in these difficult times. The post COVID 19 – Public Rights Of Way […]

  • Westmorland mail coaches

    The first public postal service in Britain began in 1635 with letters carried from post to post in bags by ‘post boys’ on horseback. The boys delivered their bags to a local post master who kept letters local to them and forwarded ongoing letters via another post boy. The nationwide service was let to regional The post Westmorland mail coaches appeared first on […]

  • Coronavirus: latest updates

    Our latest updates on coronavirus (Covid 19)

  • 2 minute beach cleans up and down the Yorkshire coast!

    We have launched 12 new ‘2 minute beach clean’ stations to make picking up litter easier for everyone.

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