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The Countryside of Scotland

Scotland is blessed with a wide complexity of landscapes. The wildest and finest are designated as National Parks or National Scenic Areas. Mauricio Brik

Scotland is renowned for it’s spectacular countryside and abundant wildlife and is wonderful for wildlife watching. It is also home to Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the British Isles at 1,345 metres above sea level.



Scottish Outdoor Access Code
This is the place to find out more about everyone’s access rights and responsibilities in Scotland’s outdoors.

National Trust for Scotland – Countryside & Wildlife
The National Trust for Scotland cares for and manages over 76,000 hectares of countryside, home to a huge variety of wildlife and world-famous natural landscapes.

Landscapes & Nature – Visit Scotland
Learn about Scotland’s nature and geography from ancient pine forests, arctic landscapes and plants, to rich low lying coastal meadows and waterways.

Scotlands Countryside – VisitScotland Community
From field to mountaintop, find out about visiting Scotland’s countryside and villages.

Scottish Rights of Way & Access Society. ScotWays is the UK’s oldest outdoor access group. We work to protect and develop access to the Scottish countryside for all...

Scottish Wildlife & Adventure Tourism Association – Wild Scotland
Wild Scotland is the body representing adventure and nature tourism operators in Scotland.

Walking in Scotland
Index to Undiscovered Scotland's resources about walking in Scotland.

Scotland's National Nature Reserves
Inspiring places where you can experience the incredible sights and sounds of our natural world...

Scottish Natural Heritage
Connecting People and Nature in Scotland...

Scottish coast and countryside
Wikipedia articles including nature reserves, country parks, natural history and more...

Friends of the Earth Scotland
We are Scotland's leading environmental campaigning organisation...

Scotland Nature - The RSPB
The variety of species and habitats is outstanding - our work here helps protect them...

Forestry and Land Scotland
Government agency responsible for managing our national forests and land with visiting info.

The John Muir Trust
Owns and cares for some of the finest wild places in Scotland...

Scottish Wildlife Trust
With information on their nature reserves, Scottish wildlife and their habitats.

WWF Scotland
The world’s leading independent conservation organisation...

Forests and woodlands of Scotland
Wikipedia has pages of information on Scotland's forests and woodlands.

Sponsored Listings
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The National Trust for Scotland
A vital conservation charity protecting Scotland's coast, wilderness, wildlife and countryside for the good of all. Funded largely by donations, membership is very affordable, comes with a raft of benefits and supports their work.

Sunset over the Southern Scottish Mountains
Sunset over the Southern Scottish Mountains from Cumbria

Latest News

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  • Five ways to help nature this autumn 22nd October 2020
    RSPB Scotland’s Allie McGregor shares five ways we can help nature this autumn.(read more)
  • Going for a walk in bad weather 19th October 2020
    Molly Martin takes us for a bad weather walk and shares the highlights of being outside when most people are inside. I’d like to start off by making one thing very clear, I don’t think there is such a thing as “bad” weather. I’m a strong believer in appreciating the outside world in all its […]
  • RSPB’s Gamebird shooting and associated land management review: A case study 15th October 2020
    RSPB’s Abernethy reserve was once managed in part for shooting. Now we’re restoring it to make it a place that helps nature in the widest possible way.(read more)
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  • Why we must have an independent environment watchdog for Scotland 12th October 2020
    Last month, the Scottish Government declared responsibility for transformative change for nature. With 1 in 9 species at risk of extinction in Scotland and the world failing to meet its commitments for nature, we must take immediate action to enact laws that protect and enhance the nature around us before it is gone forever. … […]
  • UK internal market could seriously harm Scotland’s environment 13th August 2020
    Scottish Environment LINK, a coalition of Scotland’s leading environment charities, has warned the UK government that its plan to create a UK internal market could seriously harm Scotland’s natural environment by dragging down standards. … [continue reading] UK internal market could seriously harm Scotland’s environment The post UK internal market could seriously harm Scotland’s environment […]
  • Scotland’s new environment watchdog needs more teeth 23rd July 2020
    How fully does the Scottish Government's proposed new environment watchdog replace the oversight and enforcement functions previously carried out by EU institutions? Will it have the independence, powers and resources required to hold government to account on environmental matters? … [continue reading] Scotland’s new environment watchdog needs more teeth The post Scotland’s new environment watchdog […]
RSS Scottish Forestry – News
  • Timber transport partnership funding to benefit communities 15th October 2020
    A public and private partnership project in the Highlands has received funding from the Scottish Government to move maturing timber over a new forest road to a floating pier to be built on the Morvern peninsula. Under the Strategic Timber Transport Fund, over £987,000 has been awarded to the project, with additional contributions being made by […]
  • Trees donated to revive community woodland 2nd October 2020
    300 young trees have been donated to the East Kilbride Community Trust after their popular community woodland was trashed by vandals. Volunteers were left devastated as all the hard work that had gone into K-Woodlands had been ripped up overnight early in June. Trees were destroyed along with wooden frames and stakes were thrown in a […]
  • Timber rail trial on track 8th September 2020
    A six-week timber by rail project in the north of Scotland aims to demonstrate that moving timber by rail is a viable and greener alternative to using roads in the long distance movement of timber.  The Scottish Government, through the Scottish Strategic Rail Freight Fund, has allocated £195,000 to Victa Railfreight to undertake the trial. […]
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