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Parks information, outdoor access, Walking & cycling, wildflower rich grasslands...

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North Lanarkshire Council presents Parks, Local Nature Reserves, Biodiversity...

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Lanarkshire walks
Many countryside walks detailed by WalkHighlands.

Gardens And Parks
Details of the parks and gardens in the area at Whats On Lanarkshire.

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The National Trust for Scotland

A vital conservation charity protecting Scotland's coast, wilderness, wildlife and countryside for the good of all. Funded largely by donations, membership is very affordable, comes with a raft of benefits and supports their work.

Latest News

RSS Falls of Clyde – Scottish Wildlife Trust
  • Making room for meadows 26th June 2020
    Wildflower meadows are incredibly valuable for wildlife, but in the UK we have lost most of them. At the Falls of Clyde we are bringing one back to life. The … The post Making room for meadows appeared first on Scottish Wildlife Trust.
  • The natural phenomenon of the mayfly hatch 19th June 2020
    Wildlife enthusiasts will have that certain time of year on the wildlife calendar that is their favourite. Whether it be the mad March hares boxing at the start of Spring, … The post The natural phenomenon of the mayfly hatch appeared first on Scottish Wildlife Trust.
  • Bumper year for bird cherry ermines 12th June 2020
    Some trees at the Falls of Clyde seem to have been wrapped in finely-spun cobwebs lately. But who (or what) is behind this phenomenon? Meet the bird cherry ermine moth. … The post Bumper year for bird cherry ermines appeared first on Scottish Wildlife Trust.
RSS Latest news – Cumbernauld Living Landscape
  • Taking Care Of Our Greenspaces 24th June 2020
    Local resident Kate Fromings has written this guest blog about why we should take better care of the town’s greenspaces.  In Cumbernauld we are incredibly lucky to have the use of a plethora of greenspaces. No matter which side of the town you reside in, there’s a piece of nature just minutes from your front […]
  • It’s time to reconsider our relationship with nettles 17th June 2020
    Nettles get a bad rap. Everybody has a story of getting a painful sting from them. We’re all too familiar with the horrible, lingering, pulsating, annoying sensation after you brush past their leaves. But, I’m about to rock the boat by saying that we should be encouraging more nettles into our lives. These are plants […]
  • Hoverflies are masters of disguise 10th June 2020
    As I have been spending more time out in my garden, I have been noticing the arrival of hoverflies whizzing about our flowers more and more. These delightful little creatures, called flower flies in the US, are a common sight to us all. But we may not know it! Hoverflies are are masters of disguise. […]
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