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North Lanarkshire Council presents Parks, Local Nature Reserves, Biodiversity...

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Many countryside walks detailed by WalkHighlands.

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Details of the parks and gardens in the area at Whats On Lanarkshire.

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CoolStays in Lanarkshire

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Latest News

  • The raucous rooks

    I am lucky enough to have a back garden where I have found myself spending A LOT more time in because of our current lock-down. I am using this space … The post The raucous rooks appeared first on Scottish Wildlife Trust.

  • Cumbernauld’s still Bloomin’ Wild!

    Recent weeks have brought a whirlwind of change to our routines, working from home or as an essential service, the reduced ability to get out and about and meet with family and friends. While we are adjusting to change daily, I thought it would be good for us all to hear of news that anchors us as a community, allows us to remain connected with nature and with each […]

  • Wildlife from your window, drama on your doorstep

    It is human nature to want to explore. However, the current restrictions on where we can go and what we can safely do mean that physically at least, we may … The post Wildlife from your window, drama on your doorstep appeared first on Scottish Wildlife Trust.

  • Nature at a distance

    We’ve been working from home this week and for much of the Cumbernauld Living Landscape team this has been quite a culture shock. We’re used to engaging with the local community, meeting people, leading groups to make contact with nature, and inspiring young people to discuss what matters to them when it comes to greenspaces. Unfortunately, our work with schools, […]

  • Coronavirus update

    An update on Cumbernauld Living Landscape activity during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak   We couldn’t achieve the outcomes of Cumbernauld Living Landscape without the support of the people who engage with our groups, and your health and safety is of utmost importance to us. Following the latest advice from the Scottish Government, we have taken the unfortunate […]

  • Window wildlife-watching

    Nestled in the middle of an industrial estate, I’m always amazed by how much wildlife there is to see from the Cumbernauld Living Landscape office window. As I type, I’m watching two male bullfinches potter about, their orange-pink bibs unmistakeable against the open green grass. I’ve seen flurries of visiting redwings, prancing young roe deer; and […]

  • A bug’s eye view of volunteering

    We were marching through the woods. The sun bursting through the trees, the cold air sucked into our lungs. My volunteers had entered a new area of Cumbernauld Glen; unveiled before their eyes. In this space they saw what first appeared to be a void; the last vestiges of winter still clinging onto the forest. I prompted them to take a closer look. Spring had already sprung! […]

  • New meadow proposal at Cumbernauld Community Park

    “People and wildlife at the heart of Cumbernauld’s future” is our vision at Cumbernauld Living Landscape, so it’s important that wherever possible improvements we make to the town’s habitats also provide opportunities for locals to connect with nature. This year we have some exciting plans for Cumbernauld Community Park, and we want you to be […]

  • A stroll with the snowdrops

    Hope’s Flower, Eve’s Tears, the beautiful Fair Maids of February, the portentous Death Bell or maybe even just simple Dingle Dangles. Whatever you call them, snowdrops have arrived in Cumbernauld’s woods. Legend says that snowdrops were the only flower kind enough to share their colour with the newly made snow and thus became the only flower able to grow […]

  • NEWS: New boardwalk improves access to nature at St. Maurice’s Pond

    A new boardwalk has been installed at St. Maurice’s Pond, improving the site’s accessibility and helping visitors get closer to nature. Installed by North Lanarkshire Council in partnership with Cumbernauld Living Landscape, it replaces the previous boardwalk which was no longer fit for purpose. The new boardwalk is wider with more subtle bends and a smoother […]

  • Crafty by Nature

    I have always been interested in arts and crafts, and have dabbled in many, sometimes costly mediums to find one that would stick. As the saying goes Jack of all trades – master of none. It was during the height of the Australian bush fires when a post on Facebook caught my eye. Wildlife organisations were calling out for knitted, crocheted and sewn items for wildlife […]

  • Planting plastic

    Planting trees is a rewarding experience, something we’re all being encouraged to do to help tackle the climate crisis and boost biodiversity in our local greenspaces. But the work doesn’t stop there if we want these trees to develop into healthy woodlands. Last week our Nature Ninjas volunteers were out collecting old tree guards in Glencryan Wood – not the […]

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