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Getting Outdoors - South Lanarkshire
Parks information, outdoor access, Walking & cycling, wildflower rich grasslands...

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North Lanarkshire Council presents Parks, Local Nature Reserves, Biodiversity...

Nature Reserves in Lanarkshire
Get up close to nature and enjoy the stunning views and spectacular wildlife...

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Many countryside walks detailed by WalkHighlands.

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Details of the parks and gardens in the area at Whats On Lanarkshire.

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The National Trust for Scotland

A vital conservation charity protecting Scotland's coast, wilderness, wildlife and countryside for the good of all. Funded largely by donations, membership is very affordable, comes with a raft of benefits and supports their work.

CoolStays in Lanarkshire

Enjoy a self-catering stay in Burnhead Bothy in rural Scotland with beautiful views across the hills and countryside towards Glasgow. An eco holiday home built from sustainable materials set in 1600 acres of working farmland and with your own private spring!

Latest News

  • A wild year ahead

    It’s hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through January already! Here at Cumbernauld Living Landscape it’s full steam ahead as we continue to work towards our vision of putting both people and wildlife at the heart of our town’s future. We’ve got lots of exciting projects coming up in the next 12 months,… The post A wild year […]

  • Visit your tree at Broadwood

    If you took part in our tree planting day at Broadwood Loch in December you had the option to download an app and locate the exact grid reference for your tree. This means you’ll be able to chart your tree’s progress as it develops and matures, hopefully for many years to come! It will be… The post Visit your tree at Broadwood appeared first on Cumbernauld […]

  • Winter Blues

    As I write this I’m huddled over a steaming mug of tea, wearing my warmest jumper and waiting for the forecast sleet to start falling outside. I console myself with the thought that, though it might not feel like it, spring is on the way. It probably hasn’t escaped long-term readers of these blogs that… The post Winter Blues appeared first on Cumbernauld […]

  • Biodiversity and climate change

    Climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked to each other. Sadly, the link is not a good one. For humans, climate change means stronger and more frequent extreme weather events, rising sea levels and increased risk from “vector-borne” diseases such as Zika virus and malaria. For nature the greatest issue, ultimately, is extinction. We are… The […]

  • Get back to nature in 2020

    Taking our volunteers out at New Year always resonates strongly with me— I first started volunteering at New Year. So woooooOOooooOOOo, I want to take you back 8 years to 2012. I was completing my zoology dissertation. It was very boring! I felt like most of the time I had been cooped up inside doing… The post Get back to nature in 2020 appeared first on […]

  • Natural New Year

    No one could fail to notice the waning of the light as the winter begins to bite and the days get ever shorter. It’s little wonder that winter is associated with depression – and that midwinter, when the sun begins to climb higher into the sky again each day became a time of celebration, reflection… The post Natural New Year appeared first on Cumbernauld […]

  • Getting stuck in for nature

    Last Thursday as many as 300 people joined Cumbernauld Living Landscape at Broadwood Loch to grab a spade and plant a tree before enjoying some festive treats round the campfire.   With it being polling day we had a steady flow of children looking for something active to do on their day off from school, and… The post Getting stuck in for nature appeared first […]

  • Winter wisdom

    Winter! That time of year when thoughts turn inwards, when we all seek respite from the cold and get ourselves cooried in until spring. The work of harvest is over and there’s time yet until planting so traditionally this was the time for storytelling. George Mackay Brown, the great Orcadian storyteller talked of tongues “touched… The post Winter wisdom […]

  • Tree planting day

    I love planting trees! There is little as satisfying as rooting a tree, taking a step back and imagining its future. How many years will it stay up for? What challenges will it face? What animals might call it home? When you plant trees, it feels like you’re planting a legacy. It’s your tree, and… The post Tree planting day appeared first on Cumbernauld […]

  • What is biodiversity?

    We have recently been asked “what is biodiversity, and is it really important?” Well yes, it is vitally important! Biodiversity is the variety/diversity and abundance of living species and habitats on the planet, right down to the rocks that weather to become soil. It is also how these species and habitats interact with each other… The post What is […]

  • Bats and Halloween

    Bats have long had an associated with the festival of Halloween. But why do these harmless furry flying mammals conjure up such notions of the supernatural? There are a number … The post Bats and Halloween appeared first on Scottish Wildlife Trust.

  • Here’s to a bright Brocktober!

    Did you know that the name of the town of Broxburn in West Lothian translates to “brock’s burn”? Broc is the Gaelic word for badger and burn being the Scots … The post Here’s to a bright Brocktober! appeared first on Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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