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Feeding Ducks, Swans & Geese - The Right Way

Ducks, Swans and Geese, like us, will happily eat what's not good for them. Probably the most common thing fed to ducks etc in park ponds, lakes and canals is bread, but it's bad for them unfortunately, however don't despair there is plenty of nutrition available that can be fed to them which negate the issues you have with bread.

Why not bread?

Nutritional Needs

Bread fills them up without providing the nutrients they need to survive. This is even more of a problem in younger animals. However if the situation is that they are not getting any food and starving then feeding them small amounts of bread could keep them going. Generally there are much better solutions that are not much more expensive if at all, which I will discuss at the end of this article. Mouldy bread can literally kill them as it can cause the fatal lung infection aspergillosis.


Bread sinks into waterways uneaten, and litters some town centre waterways creating an eyesore, attracting rats and upsetting the natural food balance of that environment.

It is unnatural

Bread makes wild birds fat and therefore harder for them to escape their predators. It is not their natural diet or behaviour.

So what should I feed the Ducks?

There are a few alternatives that provide the nutrition they need but I am going to suggest what I believe is best - Swan & Duck (and goose etc) pellets specifically made to meet their dietary needs. The better brands float on the surface of the water and in my experience there is rarely a pellet left before I leave, they love it!

I always buy Charnwood Marine Dry Duck Food Pellets, 15 kg, though when it has sold out I had just as much success with the Wild Things range, both at Amazon. I buy in bulk and get around 3 times as much for my money than if I was buying small amounts. 

Charnwood Marine Duck Food Pellets at Amazon

Swan on local pond
Swan on local pond
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