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Gardening for Nature & Wildlife

In the UK we have millions of gardens, and an army of gardeners, together we can create a massive network of habitats for wildlife. Whether we have a patio for a few tubs, an allotment or are blessed with room for wild flower beds or native trees we can all be wildlife gardeners. And gardening is so good for you. Did you know there are microbes in soil that act as a natural antidepressant? Or that there is a growing number of charities providing social and therapeutic horticulture to aid people in recovery? I personally find gardening meditative - a little bit of me time, with fresh air and the wildlife be they birds or bugs.

Read on for tips on how you can make your garden more wildlife friendly with inspiration on what to grow, habitats you can create and more. 

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Gardening with nature for people and wildlife
(The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust)

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Wildlife Gardening - The Wildlife Trusts
The Wildlife Trusts have some expert wildlife gardening advice on how to create habitat in your garden to make it a nature-friendly space.

Gardening for wildlife - RSPB
Whether you're planting for wildlife, creating a pond or need advice on chemical free pest control, the RSPB has got you covered.

Wildlife Garden - RHS
Even small changes in the garden can make it a more welcoming place for wildlife no matter what space you have...

Wild About Gardens
The Wildlife Trusts and the RHS set up Wild About Gardens to celebrate wildlife gardening and to encourage people to use their gardens to take action to help support nature.

Gardening - Buglife
Gardens are increasingly important refuges for invertebrates from the intensive land use in the wider countryside. Just imagine if we all gardened with invertebrates in mind…

The Wildflower Garden
Brought to you by the nature charity Plantlife. Here, we want to celebrate our wild flowers and help you make the most of growing them in your own garden.

Social Farms & Gardens
Social Farms & Gardens is a UK wide charity supporting communities to farm, garden and grow together.

Wales Biodiversity - Wildlife Gardening
Britain’s 15 million gardens cover an area greater than all our National Nature reserves...

Be Plant Wise
Designed to raise awareness among gardeners, pond owners and retailers of the damage caused by invasive aquatic plants.

RHS Campaign for School Gardening
Inspiration and support from the RHS for schools, providing children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills and boost their development.

Wildlife Gardening Forum
This is the one-stop-shop for all the scientific and practical information about gardens and wildlife...

The Pollinator Garden
About insects and flowers, plants for pollinators, and wildlife-friendly gardening in the UK. Planting lists, fact sheets, reading lists...

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Royal Horticultural Society

"Inspiring everyone to grow...". If you love gardening, you'll love the RHS. Visit their website for expert gardening advice, to learn the science behind environmentally friendly gardening, to visit their gardens or browse their shop.


Leading online garden centre, selling a vast range of plants, tools, garden accessories and outdoor furniture. Visit the 'Wildlife' category for homes, feeders and inspiration on what to grow for wildlife in your garden.

Wildlife - Ethical Superstore

Eco-friendly wildlife products for bees, butterflies, bugs, mammals and birds. A wide range of mostly unique products, 79 at time of writing, to attract wildlife to your garden and give them a habitat, food and water to help them. Make your garden an oasis for nature!

BBC Gardeners World Magazine

Find out what to do now in your garden with Britain's best-selling gardening publication.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Featuring planting ideas, beautiful gardens, and expert advice in every beautiful issue.

Red Admiral Butterflies on Buddleia

Gardening News

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  • Gardening tips: chit potatoes for an early summer crop

    Then plant a dark-leaved elder and visit Bicton Park Botanical Gardens in DevonPlant this Dark-leaved elder (Sambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla ‘Black Tower’) produces pink flowers in spring followed by elderberries. It has the added benefit of growing up rather than out, making it ideal for smaller gardens. Height and spread 250cm x 120cm: full sun or partial shade.Chit this Get some […]

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    They’re green, photogenic and social media starsInstagram may well have changed the way you garden, even if you don’t have an account. From the plants you buy – and where you buy them – to the gardens you visit, the platform has driven a profound change in the tastes and habits of even established gardeners, not to mention encouraging a new generation of green […]

  • Country diary: could alder wood wasps be breathing new life into an old friend?

    Abbeydale, South Yorkshire: A much-loved tree may have gone, but dozens of small holes drilled up its trunk make me think a new chapter is about to beginWhen Jim died, we decided, having talked it through with the neighbours, to leave him where he was in the garden. Our friend had been good to us in life and there was no reason to assume that would change. Jim was a tree, a common alder, although […]

  • Feeding garden birds in winter

    Discover how to feed the birds in your garden in winter, growing plants with berries and seedheads and keeping bird feeders topped up.

  • Invasive garden plants

    Discover which commonly grown garden plants have a tendency to become invasive, and how to control them.

  • Non-invasive plant varieties

    Got your heart set on a plant but worried about its invasive qualities? Browse our list of non-invasive alternative varieties.

  • Veg seed storage times

    Learn how long you can store your veg seed, in our guide.

  • How to grow houseplants fit for the Chelsea flower show

    The UK’s top gardening competition now has a houseplant category – but even beginners can nurture medal-worthy plants with a little expert adviceThere is a whole generation of people who know their Pilea peperomioides from their Monstera deliciosa and the Royal Horticultural Society has its sights set on them. The houseplant trend among millennials, who nurture their succulents as if […]

  • Tips for sowing seeds early

    Boost your success with early-sown seeds, by following our practical tips.

  • Are your houseplants environmentally friendly? | James Wong

    Keep your ‘plant miles’ down by following these tips on importing, greenhouse use and propogatingI have been getting loads of questions about the sustainability of houseplants recently. To me, it’s very encouraging that people are so interested in greening their indoors (in both senses of the word). Here is a quick run down on the environmental impact of houseplants, and how to […]

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