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It needn't cost you a penny to learn about nature, wildlife and the environment and from many of the sites I have found gain a recognised qualification in such a field. Also in this article I bring over some resources from a previous incarnation of my web site with phonics cards for young children. Towards the end of this article I will link you in with sites specifically for finding jobs to work with nature and the environment.

But first if you're looking for the phonics cards please click here to view and download them as images that have been optimised to be printed at 6" x 4". Leave a comment if you use them, I'd love to know they're of use and if necessary it will help me improve and update them too.

Free Certificate and Diploma Courses at Alison has been providing free educational courses for over a decade with many of interest for the nature lover. The courses are totally free to complete though a charge is payable should you wish to receive a printable certificate or diploma accreditation. At time of writing (Nov. '19) courses in the categories Life Sciences include...

Introduction to Ecology (Certificate Course)
Diploma in Ecology Studies
Ecology Studies - Conservation Biology and Biodiversity (Certificate Course)
Ecology Studies - Ecosystem Ecology (Certificate Course)
Ecology Studies - Population and Community Ecology (Certificate Course)
Introduction to Environmental Sustainability (Certificate Course)
Wind Energy - From Wind Turbines to Grid Integration (Certificate Course)
Solar Energy - Solar Technology and Its Use Worldwide (Certificate Course)
Outdoor Education - Outdoor Recreation and Land Management (Certificate Course)
Diploma in Sustainable Business

... as well as half a dozen more courses covering most aspects of running a sustainable business. The biology courses may also be of interest and cover such courses as...

Diploma in Biology
Advanced Biology 1 & 2 (Certificate Courses)
Biology - Evolution, Natural Selection and DNA (Certificate Course)

... and more! Some courses appear to be available as the original course and a revised course, I would suggest signing up to the revised course if it is applicable.


Free Courses at OpenLearn

OpenLearn is the free learning site from The Open University. With 92 free courses varying in length and level in the Nature & Environment category I am sure you will find something for you.

The website filters enable you to choose from subcategories including Creative Climate, Energy, Environmental Studies and Natural History along with filters for course level and length.

Visit OpenLearn

Free Courses at FutureLearn

Joining future learn is free but to take any tests or receive a printable certificate or accreditation requires an upgrade. In the Nature & Environment category there are 16 courses including...

Environmental Challenges: Human Impact in the Natural Environment
The Earth in My Pocket: an Introduction to Geology
Citizen Science Projects: How to Make a Difference
Upcycling: From Green Ideas to Starting a Business

...and a dozen more.

Visit FutureLearn

Job Sites for the Green Sector

Working with and for nature can be one of the most rewarding jobs there is. If you're looking for work, want to change your career or just want to see what employers are looking for, these sites are a great place to start:

GreenJobs lets you find Environmental Jobs and Renewable Energy Jobs from top employers and recruitment agencies. Search the latest jobs and apply today!

The latest UK based environmental jobs. Browse great conservation, wildlife, ecology, sustainability and environmental education jobs.

The Guardian - Environment Jobs
Apply for Environmental jobs on Guardian Jobs. Browse through a wide range of Environment job vacancies available today.

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