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Fauna of Great Britain
General information about British wildlife at Wikipedia with more specific pages for regions and wildlife categories.

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Need help to identify an animal, plant or fossil? Get help from our identification apps, online guides and Museum scientists.

Wildlife Explorer - The Wildlife Trusts
Explore British wildlife at The Wildlife Trusts website; browse categories or search for a species.

Wildlife Watch
Junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts and the UK's leading environmental action club for children and families.

RSPB guides on birds and wildlife
Expert bird and wildlife knowledge, from bird guides and identifying tools, to wildlife articles and brilliant nature films.

Guide to Wildlife in Britain
Guide to wildlife, plants and wildflowers, birds and animals, insects and amphibians of the United Kingdom.

Nature of Britain: Calendar - OpenLearn
Each month, we bring the Nature Of Britain calendar to life...

British Wildlife - Wildlife Online
Articles, news and the natural history of many wildlife species.

NBN Atlas
NBN Atlas is a free online tool hosting the UK's largest collection of biodiversity information enabling data to be shared, analysed and researched.

WildFiles - UK Safari
Discover what that bird, bug, animal, fungus, caterpillar, lichen, fish, plant, tree, gall, spider, monster or whatever thing you just found really is.

British wildlife recordings
Selection of sound recordings of all kinds of wildlife from around Britain from the Sound Archive's unrivalled natural sounds collection.

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Get actively involved in recording wildlife, either in your own garden or when you are out and about enjoying the countryside.

UK Nature
An enthusiast's guide to the flora and fauna of the United Kingdom.

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(An animal with a backbone)


Canada Goose Goslings
Canada Goose Goslings


Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel


Carp by Jeff Jones from FreeImages


(An animal without a backbone)


Lily Beetle
Lily Beetle


Snail by miki kucevic from FreeImages


Grass Spider
Grass Spider

Latest Wildlife News

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  • Scientists use satellite tags to reveal white storks' migratory habits 1st October 2020
    Scientists look forward to data from tags tracking captive-bred white storks at a West Sussex farm Marge, a white stork released onto a rewilded farm in West Sussex, is shedding light on the birds’ unpredictable migratory habits by flying to Morocco for her first winter and spending the summer in Spain.Scientists are using satellite tags […]
  • 85 bird crime incidents recorded last year, says RSPB report 1st October 2020
    Half of all confirmed persecution reports in the past seven years occurred in protected nature areas There were 85 confirmed incidents of the illegal shooting, trapping and poisoning of birds of prey in Britain in 2019, according to the RSPB’s annual Birdcrime report.Half of all confirmed persecution incidents in the past seven years have occurred […]
  • Country diary: on the tail of heavenly godwits 1st October 2020
    Whitley Bay, North Tyneside: The waders are happier here on the sand than out on the weed-strewn rocks The driving new moon tides of early autumn have reconfigured the seashore. In recent times the seasonally shifting sands here have made headlines: in 2018, the March stormfront we called “the beast from the east” flayed this […]
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  • All Talk 14th August 2020
    ‘You’re all talk!’ That familiar phrase that most of us have either heard or used during our lives, meaning that someone makes a statement, indicating that they are going to do something terribly... The post All Talk appeared first on Wildlife Articles.
  • Lockdown and the Rhino Poaching Crisis 2nd June 2020
    According to the International Rhino Foundation, three rhino are killed every day from poaching. The southern white rhino has a population estimate from the IUCN Red List of just 10,000 mature individuals. Whilst... The post Lockdown and the Rhino Poaching Crisis appeared first on Wildlife Articles.
  • White Tailed Eagles Reintroduced To England 8th May 2020
    The white-tailed eagle, once driven to extinction in the UK, have now returned. The last pair of known white tailed eagles bred on Culver Cliff on the Isle of Wight in 1780, although these birds were spotted in Scotland up until around 1916. A combination of hunting and extensive habitat destruction wiped these creatures out. […]
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