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General information about British wildlife at Wikipedia with more specific pages for regions and wildlife categories.

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Expert bird and wildlife knowledge, from bird guides and identifying tools, to wildlife articles and brilliant nature films.

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Guide to wildlife, plants and wildflowers, birds and animals, insects and amphibians of the United Kingdom.

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Articles, news and the natural history of many wildlife species.

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NBN Atlas is a free online tool hosting the UK's largest collection of biodiversity information enabling data to be shared, analysed and researched.

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Discover what that bird, bug, animal, fungus, caterpillar, lichen, fish, plant, tree, gall, spider, monster or whatever thing you just found really is.

British wildlife recordings
Selection of sound recordings of all kinds of wildlife from around Britain from the Sound Archive's unrivalled natural sounds collection.

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Get actively involved in recording wildlife, either in your own garden or when you are out and about enjoying the countryside.

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An enthusiast's guide to the flora and fauna of the United Kingdom.

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(An animal with a backbone)


Canada Goose Goslings
Canada Goose Goslings


Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel


Carp by Jeff Jones from FreeImages


(An animal without a backbone)


Lily Beetle
Lily Beetle


Snail by miki kucevic from FreeImages


Grass Spider
Grass Spider

Latest Wildlife News

  • Aerial footage reveals feral horse crisis in burnt-out Kosciuszko national park – video

    New aerial footage from Kosciuszko national park reveals horrific fire damage to the landscape. There are also fears that the huge number of feral horses that remain are pushing bushfire-affected threatened species closer to extinction. 'The horses are destroying the refuges of the endangered plants and animals in the mountains', says Prof Jamie Pittock from the Australian […]

  • The week in wildlife – in pictures

    The pick of the best flora and fauna photos from around the world, including white-tailed eagles and a detained lion cub Continue reading...

  • Calls for global ban on wild animal markets amid coronavirus outbreak

    Experts say wildlife sold for human consumption raises risk of new epidemicsWild animal markets must be banned worldwide, say experts in and outside China, warning that the sale of sometimes endangered species for human consumption is the cause both of the new coronavirus outbreak and other past epidemics.The Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, which has been closed down as the […]

  • Ants run secret farms on English oak trees, photographer discovers

    Brown ants herd and milk pale giant oak aphids, building barns for them from moss and beetle exoskeletonBritain has a new farmed animal, which is kept in barns, milked and moved between high and low pastures – but not by humans.The pale giant oak aphid, Stomaphis wojciechowskii, has lived undiscovered for thousands of years on English oak trees, where it has been looked […]

  • Florida's iguana-geddon: cull of a pesky interloper or tasty windfall?

    The cold snap that left the reptiles falling catatonic from trees had residents dusting off recipes for an invasive species whose meat sells for $60 a poundIt was an unseasonable cold snap by south Florida standards, a two-day spell of frigid temperatures pushed deep into the sunshine state by wintry conditions further north.But for connoisseurs of exotic iguana meat it was […]

  • Country diary: could alder wood wasps be breathing new life into an old friend?

    Abbeydale, South Yorkshire: A much-loved tree may have gone, but dozens of small holes drilled up its trunk make me think a new chapter is about to beginWhen Jim died, we decided, having talked it through with the neighbours, to leave him where he was in the garden. Our friend had been good to us in life and there was no reason to assume that would change. Jim was a tree, a […]

  • Lyrebird may join threatened species, as scale of bird habitat lost to bushfires emerges

    Exclusive: Almost 80 species across Australia have lost more than a third of their habitat in the catastrophic fires, preliminary data suggestsThe superb lyrebird, famous for its ability to mimic almost any sound, may have plunged from being a common to a threatened species after its three varieties lost between a third and more than half of their known habitat in the bushfire […]

  • Gray wolves, once nearly extinct, could be coming back to Colorado

    Conservationists are applauding a ballot measure to reintroduce the gray wolf to the state. But ranchers and hunters are putting up a fightThe gray wolf, once numbering in the tens of thousands throughout North America, have faced public vilification and extermination programs that drove it to near extinction in the US. Now Colorado will vote on whether to reintroduce them […]

  • Monarch butterfly population critically low on California coast – again

    Study finds 29,000 butterflies, compared with 4.5 million during the 1980s, as experts point to habitat destructionThe western monarch butterfly population wintering along California’s coast remains critically low for the second year in a row, a count by an environmental group released Thursday showed.The count of the orange-and-black insects by the Xerces Society, a […]

  • Frozen iguanas fall from trees in Florida as temperatures plummet – video

    Iguanas are falling from trees in south Florida as unusually low temperatures sweep through the region. The invasive species can become sluggish when the temperature drops below 50F (10C) and are susceptible to freezing once temperatures drop to around 40F (4.5C). Once frozen, these cold-blooded creatures lose their grip on the trees they call home. Residents have expressed […]

  • Out cold: unseasonal temperatures litter south Florida with stunned iguanas

    The weather forecast warned it would be raining reptiles and Floridians recorded encounters with lizards feeling the chillIt truly was the night (and day) of the iguana.After the National Weather Service (NWS) sent an unusual alert to south Florida residents on Tuesday night warning them of possible “falling iguanas” in light of unseasonably low temperatures, […]

  • Swimmers and anglers should unite now to campaign for clean rivers | Letter

    Margaret Dickinson on the polluted Wharfe, London’s oversubscribed swimming ponds and the urgent need to demand action as we leave the EUYour timely article (Spa town wants bathing water status to force river clean-up, 20 January) indicates the need for a concerted campaign to clean up the UK’s rivers. Swimmers and fishermen are most directly affected and have a […]

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