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(An animal with a backbone)


Canada Goose Goslings
Canada Goose Goslings


Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel


Carp by Jeff Jones from FreeImages


(An animal without a backbone)


Lily Beetle
Lily Beetle


Snail by miki kucevic from FreeImages


Grass Spider
Grass Spider

Latest Wildlife News

  • Hive heists: why the next threat to bees is organized crime

    Pollination has become big business, and thieves are now targeting hives with growing sophistication in the USMike Potts was aware he was at risk of being a victim of crime, he just didn’t think it would happen to him. But Potts is an owner of an increasingly valuable commodity that thieves are targeting with growing sophistication in the US: bees.A booming demand for […]

  • Bees may struggle in winds caused by global warming, study finds

    Experiment revealed increased wind speeds reduced the efficiency of their foraging A hardworking honey bee might feel aggrieved to be tricked into a garden shed to feed from a fake flower. Worse, she is blasted by a cheap household fan. And then timed to see how many fake flowers she can visit in 90 seconds.But the honey bees’ tormentors are trying to help them: their […]

  • Country diary: orchestral manoeuvres in the dusk

    Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire: A murmuration of starlings is captivating and hard to describe. Perhaps we should think of it as art involving movement and musicAll starling roosts are wonderful but some are more wonderful than others – a matter determined by numbers, their location, the prevailing light and wind, and one’s capacity to get close to the birds. Yet it […]

  • World leaders urged to 'step back from precipice' of ecological ruin

    As governments prepare to negotiate a Paris-style UN agreement on nature, 23 former foreign ministers have issued a call for urgent actionHumanity’s ongoing destruction of nature threatens the survival of our species, a group of former foreign ministers has warned, calling on leaders to step back from “the precipice” of irreversible ecological ruin and […]

  • Hundreds of thousands of mussels cooked to death on New Zealand beach in heatwave

    Northland residents describe ‘heartbreaking’ find as experts warn climate crisis could make it a more frequent sightHundreds of thousands of mussels have been cooked to death on a beach in New Zealand’s North Island, with experts saying more will die as the effects of the climate crisis accelerate.The mass die-off in Northland was sparked by “an […]

  • Sixteen more snakes dumped in pillowcases in Sunderland

    Discovery of reptiles comes days after 13 royal pythons were found in same locationA second nest of 16 snakes has been found dumped outside a fire station, days after 13 royal pythons were found in the same spot. Related: Scottish animal welfare baffled by python mutilation in Aberdeen Continue reading...

  • Sifting through the ashes: Mallacoota residents after the bushfires – in pictures

    Photographer and Mallacoota resident Rachel Mounsey documented the Australian bushfires that destroyed some 150 houses in her Victorian town and its surrounds. ‘When the New Year’s fire bore down on my town of Mallacoota I began to imagine the fire as a type of medieval dragon – heavy-footed and angry – coming towards us to destroy everything in its […]

  • River insects and lichens bucking trend of wildlife losses

    Reductions in air and water pollution are most likely reason, say scientistsFreshwater insects, mosses and lichens are bucking the trend of wildlife losses in the UK and have expanded their ranges since 1970, according to a new study. Reductions in air and water pollution are the most likely reason.Scientists say their new analysis shows that amid big declines in wildlife, […]

  • Beavers cut flooding and pollution and boost wildlife populations

    Five-year study of animals in Devon finds measurable benefits to wildlife and peopleBeavers have alleviated flooding, reduced pollution and boosted populations of fish, amphibians and other wildlife, according to a five-year study of wild-living animals in Devon.The report, which will help the government decide whether to allow wild beavers to return to England after being […]

  • Jackdaw hullabaloo on the fell: Country diary, 19 February 1945

    19 February 1945 The birds can never keep silent, not even when they strut around the boy spreading the manureCumberland, February 17No matter what time you pass a craggy, terraced fell rising steeply from a main road you hear a clamour that now and again is almost deafening. The jackdaws have no matins or vespers like hounds sitting together on a kennel bench. They can never […]

  • Shipping pollution regulations 'could harm food chain'

    Use of ‘scrubbers’ to cut air pollution increases pollutants pumped into sea, UN report saysNew shipping pollution regulations introduced earlier this year could harm humans by contaminating fish and crustaceans with toxins, according to an internal report compiled by the International Maritime Organization and obtained by the Guardian.In the report the IMO, the […]

  • Erdoğan’s ‘crazy project': new Istanbul canal to link Black and Marmara Seas

    Proposed route slices through a major drinking water source and an important stop for migratory birds To the west of Istanbul, between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, lie diverse landscapes of forest, farms, marshes and ancient settlements. Following a curving line from north to south would connect you through the Terkos Lake, Sazlıdere stream and reservoir and […]

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