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General information about British wildlife at Wikipedia with more specific pages for regions and wildlife categories.

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Discover what that bird, bug, animal, fungus, caterpillar, lichen, fish, plant, tree, gall, spider, monster or whatever thing you just found really is.

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Selection of sound recordings of all kinds of wildlife from around Britain from the Sound Archive's unrivalled natural sounds collection.

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(An animal with a backbone)


Canada Goose Goslings
Canada Goose Goslings


Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel


Carp by Jeff Jones from FreeImages


(An animal without a backbone)


Lily Beetle
Lily Beetle


Snail by miki kucevic from FreeImages


Grass Spider
Grass Spider

Latest Wildlife News

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  • Country diary: an old quarry is now a mine of natural treasure 27th June 2020
    Ketton, Rutland: Time has enabled this abandoned cement works to regreen, making it a site of special scientific interestHere is a local landmark few would want: above a beautiful stone village, a cement works, visible for miles. Like a turret, but with pipes and chimneys climbing the walls, this compact but discordant punctuation in otherwise […]
  • Spring sunshine brings butterfly abundance to fill 'that hole in our soul' 26th June 2020
    Whether you’re looking for something special or just enjoying the fluttering of familiar favourites, this summer looks goodMeadow browns are jinking along lanes, small tortoiseshells are unusually abundant on bramble flowers and purple emperors are attacking drones (trying to film them) in Knepp wildland in West Sussex.This week’s heatwave – after three months of what […]
  • The week in wildlife - in pictures 26th June 2020
    The pick of the world’s best flora and fauna photos, including a perky grasshopper and a sleepy turtle Continue reading...
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  • Lockdown and the Rhino Poaching Crisis 2nd June 2020
    According to the International Rhino Foundation, three rhino are killed every day from poaching. The southern white rhino has a population estimate from the IUCN Red List of just 10,000 mature individuals. Whilst... The post Lockdown and the Rhino Poaching Crisis appeared first on Wildlife Articles.
  • White Tailed Eagles Reintroduced To England 8th May 2020
    The white-tailed eagle, once driven to extinction in the UK, have now returned. The last pair of known white tailed eagles bred on Culver Cliff on the Isle of Wight in 1780, although these birds were spotted in Scotland up until around 1916. A combination of hunting and extensive habitat destruction wiped these creatures out. […]
  • Spotlight Scope: Aesthetics and Wildlife 17th April 2020
    Roughly 10,000 species go extinct every year. High profile species dominate public attention, bringing in much needed funding. It makes it no wonder that flagship species are leopards, elephants and pandas. Yet of... The post Spotlight Scope: Aesthetics and Wildlife appeared first on Wildlife Articles.
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