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Britain's Amphibians & Reptiles



Amphibians of Great Britain
Includes further pages about each species, their conservation status and more at Wikipedia.

Reptiles of Great Britain
Details of the snakes, lizards and sea turtles that are resident in Great Britain at Wikipedia.

Wildlife Watch - Amphibians & Reptiles
Swat up on amphibians and reptiles of the UK with Wildlife Watch's guide to cold blooded creatures...

Wales Biodiversity Partnership - Amphibians & Reptiles
Thirteen species of native terrestrial reptiles live in the UK and eleven of these species occur in Wales...

Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK
ARG UK promotes the conservation of our native amphibians and reptiles and their environment...

Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust
Charity committed to conserving amphibians and reptiles and saving the disappearing habitats on which they depend.

Reptiles & Amphibians UK - Forum
The online meeting place for all who love our amphibians and reptiles...

Amphibian & Reptile Recording Scheme
Surveys to monitor the status and distribution of all the UK’s reptiles and amphibians.

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Frog or Toad?
Frog or Toad?

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  • Book Review: Wild Child 19th June 2020
    Wild Child: coming home to nature Patrick Barkham, Granta (2020). Hardback, £16.99. 342 pp. This is a lovely book, and could be read for enjoyment and instruction by anyone who works with younger children, at home or elsewhere. Patrick Barkham is a nature writer, author of four previous books (on butterflies, badgers, coasts and islands) […]
  • Why I love Snakes! – A poem 12th June 2020
    Adder, smooth or grass snake by name,Our native snakes are not all the same. The adder’s stylish zig-zags black Make a splash along its back.The smooth snake, who is rare to find Has smoother scales than the other kinds. The grass snake is the last of the three,They love to swim – it’s a sight to […]
  • What our animals are up to this month… June 2020 29th May 2020
    June most likely sees the final time of the season for mating behaviour in two of our native lizards – the common lizard and the slow-worm.  These behaviours will start being exhibited in late April.  Both of these species’ males will fight as rivals if they encounter each other in breeding territories.  Females will mate […]
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