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Britain's Amphibians & Reptiles



Amphibians of Great Britain
Includes further pages about each species, their conservation status and more at Wikipedia.

Reptiles of Great Britain
Details of the snakes, lizards and sea turtles that are resident in Great Britain at Wikipedia.

Wildlife Watch - Amphibians & Reptiles
Swat up on amphibians and reptiles of the UK with Wildlife Watch's guide to cold blooded creatures...

Wales Biodiversity Partnership - Amphibians & Reptiles
Thirteen species of native terrestrial reptiles live in the UK and eleven of these species occur in Wales...

Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK
ARG UK promotes the conservation of our native amphibians and reptiles and their environment...

Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust
Charity committed to conserving amphibians and reptiles and saving the disappearing habitats on which they depend.

Reptiles & Amphibians UK - Forum
The online meeting place for all who love our amphibians and reptiles...

Amphibian & Reptile Recording Scheme
Surveys to monitor the status and distribution of all the UK’s reptiles and amphibians.

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Frog or Toad?
Frog or Toad?

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  • We’re Back! 6th July 2020
    After a turbulent few months, Froglife staff are now back to work bright and refreshed ready to get on with what we do best: conserving our reptiles and amphibians! To keep up to date with what we have and will be doing, visit our social media pages and our events page. Thank you to all […]
  • Croaking Science: See-through frogs are worth a look 30th June 2020
    Glass frogs comprise a family (Centrolenidae) of 158 species found in the forests of the neotropics: Central America and northern South America. They get their name from the transparency of their belly skin, which allows the internal organs to be easily seen. They are adapted to life in the trees, possessing pads on the tips […]
  • What our animals are doing this month… July 2020 29th June 2020
    July can be a great month to see our common toad complete metamorphosis and become toadlets.  It usually takes around two to four weeks for tadpoles to hatch out from the egg and roughly sixteen weeks for tadpoles to reach the stage where legs have developed.  This is often affected by the water temperature in […]
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