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Hedgehog, Mole, Shrews

Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)


Hedgehogs - Peoples Trust for Endangered Species

Hedgehog Street
Information, Campaigns, Care advice and Helpline, Forum...

British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Help and advice to those with sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs and a list of rehabilitators in the UK.

Help a Hedgehog
The Wildlife Trusts guide to helping the hedgehog, including How to Build a Hedgehog Home and more...

Hedgehog - The Mammal Society
Information, identification and factsheet downloads.

Hedgehog pages at: Wildlife Online, Woodland Trust.

Mole (Talpa europaea)


Mole - Animal Diversity
Extensive information about the European Mole.

Mole - The Mammal Society
Information and identification of moles and downloadable factsheets.

Mole - Young Peoples Trust for the Environment
Info about Moles, their habits, and interaction with humans.


Common Shrew (Sorex araneus)
Pygmy Shrew (Sorex minutus)
Water shrew (Neomys Fodiens)


Pygmy Shrew | Common Shrew | Water Shrew
The Mammal Society presents information, identification and downloadable factsheets.

Pygmy Shrew | Common Shrew | Water Shrew
Information at The Wildlife Trusts.

Common Shrew | Water Shrew
The Young People's Trust for the Environment includes an 'Overview', 'Daily Life', 'Breeding' and 'Shrews & Humans'.

Species Profiles | Pygmy Shrew
Extensive information at The Vincent Wildlife Trust.

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