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Insects of Britain



Insects of Great Britain
There are more than 20,000 insects of Great Britain, this page provides lists by order and further pages on each species.

The only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates. Actively working to save Britain’s rarest little animals...

The Royal Entomological Society
Devoted to the promotion and development of entomological science. With bug identifying help on site and more...

Common UK insect identification
Do you know the difference between beetles and bugs? Or what makes an insect an insect? Learn the basics about the UK's most common types...

Creepy-Crawlies - UK Safari
Close up photos and information about invertebrates found in the United Kingdom...

British Bugs
An online identification guide to UK Hemiptera (not yet mobile friendly).

Insects and other invertebrates - RSPB
Find out more about the common insects and other invertebrates you could find in your garden.

Insects & Arthropods - First Nature
There are at least a million insect species on our planet, and some experts believe that the true figure is ten times that number...

British beetle guide
A guide from Countryfile on where to see and how to identify British Beetles.

Amateur Entomologists' Society
One of the UK's leading organisations for people interested in insects.

Butterfly Conservation
British charity devoted to saving butterflies, moths and their habitats throughout the UK.

UK Butterflies
Building a Community of Responsible Butterfly Enthusiasts...

The Riverfly Partnership
Riverflies, along with other freshwater invertebrates, are at the heart of the freshwater ecosystem...

UK Beetle Recording
The most recent checklist of beetles of the British Isles includes 4072 species in 103 families, listed in taxonomic order...

British Entomological & Natural History Society
Promotion and advancement of research in entomology...

Dipterists Forum
Promotes the study, recording and conservation of true flies in the British Isles...

Butterflies and moths - Wildlife Trusts
A guide to butterflies and moths at the Wildlife Trusts Wildlife Explorer section.

UK moths
Online guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland.

UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
A well-established and enjoyable recording method and important insights into almost all aspects of butterfly ecology...

Grasshoppers and Related Insects Recording Scheme
There are 27 native species of grasshoppers and crickets (Orthoptera) and a number of naturalised species...

Grasshoppers & Crickets - Wildlife Trusts
An id guide to Britain's grasshoppers and crickets from the Wildlife Trusts.

Bee identification guide
Bee identification guide for beginners - learn how to identify different bees, when they are active, and where to spot them...

Bumblebee Conservation Trust
With identification and species guides at a charity fighting for the conservation of the species and their habitats.

British Dragonfly Society
Working to conserve dragonflies and their wetland habitats. Includes identification guides and much more.

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Adonis Blue Butterfly
Adonis Blue Butterfly at Ballard Down, Dorset

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